Organic produce in Colorado Springs
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A list of our favorite things ranging from cookbooks to essential kitchen equipment.

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Cookbooks-Here is a selection of cookbooks that we use regularly and recommend to all our customers. These have been featured in our newsletters because these are the books we actually cook with. These books will show you all the ways you can use our seasonal, organic produce.

Sustainable Agriculture Books-Learn about the importance of local, sustainable and organic agriculture.

Books for Market Gardeners and Small Farmers-Ever dreamed of making a living growing vegetables, herbs and fruit? Here is our list of must-read books that will get you started.


Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Tools-A list of kitchen tools we find indispensable for cooking all of our in-season produce.


Cafe Press

(Coming Soon!) Lettuce Patch Gardens T-Shirts, hats and more. Show the world that you support local agriculture.


Non-Produce Items from Lettuce Patch Gardens

(Coming Soon!) Buy garden seeds, transplants (when in season), dried herbs, dried hot chilis, louffa sponges, handmade soap and lipbalm.




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Organic Produce in Colorado Springs

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Organic produce in Colorado Springs
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