Organic produce in Colorado Springs
Lettuce Patch Gardens
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Colorado grown organic produce

Lettuce Patch Gardens is committed to our community, local economy, sustainable agriculture and fresh, healthy and locally grown food!

We are currently reworking our website, so please excuse our dust while we're getting everything ready. We expect it to be up and running in March or early April, 2009.

We are no longer able to offer a CSA, but if you're interested in local food and learning how to grow your own (the most local food of all!) then please sign up for our newsletter.


Top Ten reasons to Think Local - Buy Local - Be Local...



Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.  ~ Cree Indian Prophecy


Organic produce in Colorado Springs
Lettuce Patch Gardens, Inc.
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Cheryl Spencer, Owner & Gardener
Colorado Springs, Colorado