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We are located in the Cheyenne Cañon area of Colorado Springs.

Our garden is small, but abundant. Our garden sits on our .2 acre city lot. We have no lawn, only vegetables and ornamentals.

We grow food year-round and grow mainly herbs and vegetables, since fruit tends to attract the neighborhood bears.




We start our seedlings in flats:


Once they are big enough, they are transplanted into the beds:


When the weather gets cool, these beds will be protected with mini-greenhouses:
In the winter, the plants are further protected with an inner cover that holds in the heat.



Our garden is fed with kitchen scraps, leaves and garden waste. This is the foundation of sustainable agriculture:

Unfinished compost: 3-6 months later we get:


The tools we use for gardening are all human-powered:
(We don't even use a roto-tiller)
Spades for digging; and forks for loosening the soil:
Spade Fork




Earth is here so kind,

that just tickle her with a hoe

and she laughs with a harvest

~Douglas Terrold





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Organic Produce in Colorado Springs

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Organic produce in Colorado Springs
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